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I see you've just stumbled upon my island in this (almost) endless ocean known as The Internet! As you can see I've not built a whole lot on it, well, that kinda depends on how much "a lot" is. I update this island very often, at least twice a week. Most of the changes I do are minor, but every now and then, I build an entire new house on this island, with tons of rooms in it. In these rooms, there might be books to read in, pictures hanging on the wall, or maybe even portals to other islands. If you have any ideas on how to make this island better, please consider sending me bottle mail, just don't forget to replace (a) with an at symbol, this is a protection so that pirates from foreign countries wont destroy my peaceful island.

HEY! If you wanna know what I do with my life, please consider reading my diary. I update it everyday, and I like it when people see it!
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If you for some reason want to talk to me, please click here. It will take you to my linklist, which contains various different ways to contact me.
Please, do not miss this. You have your oppurtunity to see it now, or never see it. Life is full of oppurtunities, but this one, you just have to take.

Who is on the other end of the line?

I'm some 14 year old who happend to know some HTML, and decided to make a web site. I'm a big Sailor Moon fan, I even have an entire house dedicated to Sailor Moon, and it has a lotta rooms too. My favorite video game is probably Minecraft. Oh yeah I'm addicted to the Lucky Star opening.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License.
That means you're free to use my drawings, video clips etc. as long as you tell people where you got it. You don't need my permission to post my stuff on your places on the Net, but you do, however, need to have a link to the page on my site you got it from, on the page you've posted my work on.

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20211018 5,000 views
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20211006 4,300 views
20210910 3,000 views

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