New site

I have a new web site

You are probably here because you want to access my website. I have recently moved to a new place on the Net, but I will keep the old site here for archival purposes. The old one will not be updated anymore. The new site does not contain anything yet, but it will soon, and I am probably not going to update this page when it happens, so you'll have to go there to know. My plan is to make it less complicated to update, because whenever I was adding a new page on my old site, I had to change almost every other page on the site to have a link in the side menu. I've also grown tired of the name.
One more thing: All links that lead to the main index page are broken, so if you want to go back to the main page, you could either hit the back button in your browser, or manually type /index2.html after the web address in the address bar.
I will take some of the pages from my old site and put on the new, with some of the links and other things changed.
New site (
Old site