The Mercury-Shrine

Sailor Moon: The Mercury-Shrine

Sailor Mercury was the 2nd soldier to enter the scene, and she did in episode 8, "Ami -Sailor Mercury-". She is extremely intelligent, and has an IQ of 300, which makes her the best student in all of Japan. In everyday life, she's known as Ami Mizuno, which means "Friend of Water", and that describes a lot about her personality. She mostly use water-attacks, her favorite color is blue and her hair and clothes are blue, and she likes swimming. Before she started on the same school as Usagi, she barely had any friends, and was mostly at home, studying, or at an evening school.
Sailor Mercury has the least powerful attacks, one of them is the Shabon Spray, which fills the air with a fog that makes it impossible for villians to see the Sailor Soldiers. She has a small computer, that can analyze different objects, to see if they have energy from the Dark Kingdom. The VR glasses she has can do the same thing, but unlike the computer, it can also do advanced calculations of the surrounding enviroment, and they are glasses.

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury:
Name: Ami Mizuno
Name meaning: Friend of Water
School: Juuban Municipal Junior High School
Favorite school subject: Mathematics
Birthday: September 10th
Age: 14
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Favorite color: Light blue
Hobbies: Reading, playing chess, studying, playing games

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