November 1st, 2021 November 1st, 2021
The first of November! This year has passed by real fast...

Because my room is being renovated, I moved to my brother's room, which is possible since he has moved out from our house. It feels really good having a big desk, and a big room! I made it really good by putting my TV on the foot of my bed, and I have a VCR, so I can watch movies when laying in bed. The bed feels really good, it feels like I'm sinking into it, and I love these kinds of beds. The bed I used to have in my room, was terrible, because it felt really hard. The bed I'm sleeping in now is basically just a matress on the floor.
I watched an episode of Lucky Star, and it was the episode when Konata says "Timotei!", which is kinda strange. It is episode 6.
I got a video titled "Datapatry i Örebro 1993" in my recommended, and it's interesting how our society has changed the past 28 years. Back then, people where like "Look at these awesome graphics my computer can render!". But now, it's more like "WhY iS tHIs ComPUteR sO SlOw?!". I got a video called "Tekniskt magasin - SVT Multimedia (SVT 1985)" on the left list of videos on that video page, and that video, was really interesting. It's about how the swedish TV programmes where broadcasted back in the 80s. Even though things have changed a lot since then, and everything is digital nowadays (which is kinda boring tbh), I think it's really interesting with a time, when it was more about machines, than a sequence of ones and zeros.
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