November 2nd, 2021 November 2nd, 2021
I think it was snowing outside before, but I'm not entirely sure...

I woke up early today, but I was laying down in bed for a while, because the bed feels soo good! It feels like I'm sinking into it, it's not hard like my old bed, and this bed felt extra good because I have never felt like that in a bed before.
I had to clean in our garden today, like sorting wood, metal roof sheets, putting tools in their right space and things like that. It didn't bother me too much, because I was bored before I started cleaning, so it felt good doing something.
The food I ate today was Chicken nuggets and rice. It tasted really good, and I like food that taste good just as much as the next person. The best thing about it, was that it was right after like two hours of cleaning in the garden, when I felt exhausted.
I had to throw a ball at the dogs at like five in the afternoon, and this was the first time in like forever I had done that. The reason why I stopped, was because Grizzly, who is the one who always grab the ball, and run with it back to me, refused to run back with the ball to me. She just ran to the front door, and wanted to get inside. However, this time was different. Now she really liked playing outside, and I actually thought it was pretty fun too.
I also saw episode 111 of Sailor Moon S, and it was the first time I had seen an episode of Sailor Moon in a while. The text that follows contains spoilers, so if you want to read it, highlight it with your mouse.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune had in the previous episode found out that their pure heart crystals contain two of the talismans, so they had gotten their pure heart crystals out of themselves. Soon after, Sailor Pluto appeared, and the Sailor Senshi, along with the person in red from Witches 5, who I never remember the name of, had discovered that Sailor Pluto has one of the talismans. The three talisman-things somehow get combined, after the heart crystals from the talisman-thingies had been extracted and had returned to Uranus and Neptune's bodies, so that they started living again, and become the Holy Grail, which turns Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon, when she touches it before the person in red from Witches 5, who I never remember the name of, gets ahold of it. When the person in r- you know what. I'll google what her name is. Her name is apparently Euidal, and when her machine spits out flames as an attack against Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon stops them with her own hand. Soon after, she turns into Sailor Moon, feeling tired after everything that just happend in a wery short amount of time.

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