November 4th, 2021 November 4th, 2021
I felt sick today, so I've been in my room most of the time.

I read a book titled "Diary of a whimpy kid: Rodrick Rules", which is a very good book. I like the "Diary of a whimpy kid" books, because they're funny, and easy to like "get into", if you know what I mean. I read the entire book, so I started reading a new book, in english, called "A Game of Thrones". I like it so far, and yeah I know, I'm late to the party, reading "Game of Thrones" in 2021, but hey, never late than never, right?
I saw "Ice age", while laying in bed, and it was quite a while ago since I saw it last time. I have my TV kind of on the foot on the bed, it is not in the bed, but it's next to the bed, so I can lay down in bed, and watch movies.
I drew some Sailor Moon fanart this night, and it is actually the first drawing I've ever made of Ami Mizuno. The reason why, is because I find it pretty hard to draw her hair, and I do not know why. She has the outfit from episode 112, because I saw that episode today.
It is very weird, because when I'm in my room, I feel almost healthy, but as soon as I leave it, I feel sick again. It is very hot in my room, and I have sore throat, and the best way to stop having sore throat, is to drink hot drinks, like hot chocolate. I'm not allowed to drink hot chocolate, because my parents don't want my face to be filled with acne, so I have to come up with better solutions.
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