November 5th, 2021 November 5th, 2021
Friday! Again! The best day of the week is the best day of the week, and it's here again!

Remember yesterday, when I drew some Sailor Moon fanart? I colored it in grayscale yesterday, but today, I decided to color it, in color! So I did it this morning, and it turned out pretty good! Here is the drawing. It is not the best piece of fanart I've ever made, but it is stull really good! I would say that it's almost better than my last piece of fanart, that I, at the time, was more than proud of. I'm surprised that I've never drawn fanart of my favorite senshi before. For some reason, I think her hair is kinda hard to draw, I have tried drawing Ami before, but as soon as I started on the hair, I gave up.
It didn't happend too many special things today, but one good thing happend. I'm not sick anymore! The stupid cold has escaped from my throat, and I hope it never returns!
I saw episode seven of Lucky Star today, and I think Konata's dad is a little bit creepy...
I just checked on my Deviantart page, and apparently, four people had favorited the Ami drawing I talked about earlier. I posted it on my fanart thread on the Sailor Moon x Suburban Senshi forums, and it was doing pretty good there too. Here is my fanart thread on the Sailor Moon forums.
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