November 6th, 2021 November 6th, 2021
Saturday! I love Saturdays every day of the week, except when it's the day itself, because it feels like school is not as far away as it was when it was Friday...

I've tried to add some clips to the Sailor Moon media page, but everything has been working perfectly, except for the audio that is. Human ears are far more sensitive to errors in sound, than errors in video. The audio felt like when you scrape a knife against a plate, especially when it was a lot of music in the clips. However, I was able to export the Sailor Stars intro flawlessly, and everything went well.
The drawing I had uploaded to the Sailor Moon forum yesterday, was doing pretty good. People really liked it, and thought I drew better on paper than on a computer, which is really good, because I like drawing on paper more than on a computer. It was doing pretty good on Deviantart too, it has a total of five favorites. Pretty much the only place it was not doing as good on, was on Newgrounds, it only has four views, and I'm the only one who rated it lol.
I saw episode 113 of Sailor Moon today, and I'm not entirely sure if Hotaru is a villian, or Sailor Saturn, her dad is Professor Tomoe, which is rather strange, if she's a Sailor Senshi.
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