November 9th, 2021 November 9th, 2021
School went through a lot better than I thought.

I had English today, and I think it's pretty boring, not because of the teacher, but because I don't learn anything. I already know everything you have to know in 8th grade, and probably everything you have to know in 9th grade too, and a little more.
My school schedule has changed a lot, for no particular reason. I think it got better, the Tuesdays are shorter, and I like it when days are short.
I have a project in German to create a movie, and I chose to create an advert for the Dell Latitude D630 laptop, that I have a page about on this site. I've had the entire break that was last week to make this movie, but I only wrote the script, and the rest of the break, I've just procrastinated. The project is due tomorrow, and I shot and edited the movie today, and recorded the voiceover yesterday. Now, it's finished, and here is is. The music is from the Sailor Moon: Another Story OST, and it's called "It's finally over". It turned out pretty good, especially for taking only like three hours to make.
I saw an episode of Sailor Moon, it was episode 118, and it was good. Hotaru's home had become weird, because one of the people working at Professor Tomoe's lab had messed up, and the Sailor Soldiers had to gamble with a diamon who is always cheating, in order to fix Hotaru's home again. I'm not going to write about what the episode is about, just google it.
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