November 13th, 2021 November 13th, 2021
I got a camera from my grandpa on Thursday. It's for Video8 tapes, and because my room is being rebuilt, the charger, that I got before I got the actual camera for some reason, had been stored in one of those boxes. It was a nightmare when I searched the boxes yesterday, until I found it! I also found the RF modulator, which is useful since my TV does not have an a/v input. When I got the camera, I also got a battery, which had leaked. However, I also got a fake-battery that has a cable running from it, that you can connect to a charger. When I hooked everything up, and powered it on, it worked! I got a picture! Another thing I found in one of the boxes, was a tape for the camera, that I also had gotten from my grandpa when I got the charger. I inserted the tape, and it did not eat it, surprisingly. I tried recording some footage, and when I played it back, it looked terrible. The colors where all messed up, the picture was rolling, the audio was very low and it went from a bad picture, to no picture at all. If you know what the problem is, then contact me. The camera is a Canon UC10. I tried playing the blank tape for a while, to see if it would get better. It did get better, but suddenly, another problem occured. It sounded like the video head was touching something, and the picture had a lot of white dots in various places, and the audio had a lot of noise. I do not recommend this, but I tried moving the head a little bit, with my finger. When I recorded again, and played it back, it was gone, but the picture looked like it did before again. I later discovered that everything looks a lot darker on the tape than in real life, and when I filmed something bright, like a light, the colors where back and the picture stopped rolling, but the light looked a lot darker than in real life, which was an interesting effect.

So today, I've tried lots of things to make it work, but I've not come a long way. I think the video head is spinning at another speed than it should, because the colors have been weird on VCRs I've had, in that same way, and the picture has been rolling in the same way. If that's the case, then this will be a lot harder to repair than I thought.
Me and some other people got an idea yesterday, to make a Discord for the 8th grade in my school. I was one of the people who got this idea, so I became admin on that server today!
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