November 14th, 2021 November 14th, 2021
I wrote this several days after it happend, and things might be missing details.

I went swimming today, because, short story long, I have to prove to the teacher that I know how to swim. I had to do it in seventh grade, but I was really tired, and I couldn't swim all 200 meters. The teacher thought I couldn't swim at all, so I had to go to a swimming school. I learned that I had done the leg-thing wrong, but it didn't help. I got an F in my entire P.E. grade because of this, even if you only have to prove that you can swim in 6th and 9th grade. So the teacher was doing it wrong, but now I get another chance to prove that I can swim. I managed to swim all 200 meters this evening, even though I was really tired afterwards. The teacher is going to see me swim 200 meters on Thursday, when I have a swimming and badminton day.
I saw Cinemassacre's (Angry Video Game Nerd) latest Mailbag episode, when he reads fan mails, and my old one and a half year old mail from 2020, was in that video. That's pretty much the only place you're going to find me doing [Insert YouTube Demonitisation logo here] jokes. It made me laugh, because I was cringe back then.
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