November 18th, 2021 November 18th, 2021
Yes! I've finally swimmed my 200 meters!

This was not an ordinary day in school. Our class went to a place where you can swim called "Fyrishov". It was really fun, and I liked swimming. I swimmed a total of 300 meters. I was not able to do this last year, because last year, when I had to swim 200 meters, I was really tired, because it was the end of a Thursday in seventh grade, and I was just too tired to swim all 200 meters.
After I got the swimming part out of the way, I played around in the fun part of the building, where there are a lot of water-related toys, and water slides. I spent a lot of my time shootinmg water on people, from the cannons.
The REALLY boring part about today, was when I had to play badminton. I think I could've won, but I wanted to lose, so that I could go home earlier. The ordinary school part on the thursdays are usally until 14:25, but the stupid badminton part made the day end at 15:30, and I only got to go home ten minutes earlier, because my team was very small, and I had to play more games of badminton. Most of the time was actually spent waiting to be able to play, which was boring, because in the badminton hall, there's nothing fun to do while you wait.
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