October 16th, 2021 October 16th, 2021
Yup, it's already Saturday, which is in my opinion, the best day of the entire week. Can't believe that people used to go to school on Saturdays back in the day, it's a lot better nowadays, when you're at home on Saturdays.

I finally scanned in the Sailor Moon drawing I talked about in yesterday's entry. I also colored it, and it is, in my opinion, the best drawing I've ever made in my entire life. You can find the original version (the one that's not colored) here and the computer colored version here. The thing that bugs me a lot about it is the fact that I forgot the white stripes on the blue whatever it is next to her neck. I've already uploaded it to my Deviantart, so it's too late to fix it, sorry. However, it turned out very good, and as I said, it's the best artwork I've made so far. Trust me, it took HOURS of screen staring eye-bleeding action on my computer to color it, and don't even get me started on how long it took to draw it on paper. So when you click one of the links to the drawing, please look at it for a good minute, because IT TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE ITTTTT! At the time of writing this, I checked the upload on Deviantart for the colored version of that drawing, and it already has 11 views, only two hours after uploading it. I also went to the b&w upload, and to my dissapointment, it has ten more views, and they where both uploaded at the same time.
I've been browsing around Deviantart for a bit lately, and I think I've found my favorite piece of art that is not made by me. It's here and I litterarly love everything about this. The colors, the simpilicity, the background, the everything. The background has some of my favorite colors too, that shade of yellow, pink, and blue. I also kinda like how she's holding her hands. Maskeraderosen is a great artist who deserves a lot more attention.
I cooked food for my family today, just like I do every Saturday. I like cooking, it's fun. Just like the Swedish stereotype suggests, I made meatballs. However, I did not make potatoes with it, I made macaroni, which, in my opinion, taste a lot better than potatoes.
Speaking of being just like a grown adult, I also cleaned my room, because I have homework in domestic science until Tuesday. I do not like cleaning my room, not because it's boring, but because when I've cleaned my room, I can't find some of my stuff anymore! However, I did it kinda in a hurry, so it does not look a whole lot better. But I'm fine with the way it already was. I also had to clean a window, which was really easy. I'm pretty sure a lot of the people reading this have cleaned a window at least once, so I don't think I have to explain how I did it.
I also have a geography test until Tuesday, and I need to know some countries and cities in North and South America. Funnily enogh, I already know some of the countries thanks to all the Yakko's World memes that exists on YouTube. But I did not know every country, so I studied on Seterra, which even has a page on Speedrun.com. If you don't know what Seterra is, then just Google it. I think I've advertised for more products in this paragraph than I've ever done before.
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