October 17th, 2021 October 17th, 2021
Oh no, it's Sunday, and do you know what that means? It means that it's Monday tomorrow, and Monday is my least favorite day of the week.

I woke up kinda early today, however, I was laying, awake, in bed until about 08:30 when I ate breakfast. I remember a few years ago when I hated laying awake in bed on the weekends. As soon as I woke up, I wanted to do something. However, nowadays it just feels good laying awake in bed in the mornings. Especially when I have school, but I'm prettu sure everyone reading this can relate to that one.
I have a geography test on Tuesday, so I've studied a lot for that test. It's about north, middle and south America, and some of the names are pretty hard to learn. I study on Seterra, and on their website, there where YouTube videos about an easy way to learn the names and learn where they are. You use pictures that have the same shape as the countries, then you have something that the picture and the country name have in common. After I saw that video, it's hard to unsee the pictures when I look at a map of America. I also printed out maps of the different parts of America, but studying with pictures and on Seterra is way easier.
A few hours ago I went to Deviantart to see how my Sailor Moon drawing from yesterday was doing. It had over 100 views and 5 favorites. It seems like people really like that drawing. I also uploaded it to Newgrounds today, however at the time of writing this, it does not have more than 7 views, and no one has rated it yet.
Tomorrow, Sailor Moon is going to air on german TV, very late at night, like 2 AM, so I set the timer on my VCR to record it, however I had some techincal difficulties. I was going to record it in LP since I do not have an infinite amount of tapes, and when I played back the episodes I recorded a week ago, also in LP, the picture went from very fuzzy to completely fine all the time. So I spent like an hour trying to investigate the problem. I think the VCR has problems with the tracking, because when the tracking is not what it should be, it usally looks very fuzzy. I also think the large belt underneath the mechanism is kinda old, and damaged, and that would make a lot of sense because the picture is not always fuzzy, and it goes from fuzzy to normal all the time. I tried cleaning the heads by pouring video head cleaning chemicals on the auto head cleaner, which does work because it's made of plastic, so it's not one of those cheap cleaners that are in most VCRs. The picture quality did improve after I did so, and after the VCR cleaned the heads with the cleaner, however the issue was still there. So I messed around with the tape, in an attempt to make the tracks completely parallel with the heads. Guess what, I managed to make it work. However, I do have to rewind and fast forwars for a bit before it works perfectly.
I have listened to the Lucky Star Opening several times today, and I can easily say that I'm a certified weeb, and the point of return is long lost. Another anime OP I've listened to a lot lately, is the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OP, which is my current favorite song. Somehow, the people who create anime, make the theme songs very catchy, and I don't know how. For example, the Pokemon theme song is one of the best theme songs to any TV series. Even though I've seen a maximum of like 5 episode of Pokemon, that theme song is a certified banger. Now that I think of it, I have more Pokemon cards than the amount of Pokemon episodes I've seen. This is probably an unpopular opinion, bu I think that the season 2 opening is a tiny bit better than the original op, especially the part from 0:24 to 0:42. But nothing can defeat the swedish opening theme.
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