October 19th, 2021 October 19th, 2021
I like Tuesdays, because when it's evening, it feels like the days go by really fast, because it's already Wednesday tomorrow, and I like it when time flies by, because I have a week-long break the week after the next, and for every second that passes, we get one second closer to that break, and I like breaks.

Remember that geography test I was ranting about in the previous entries? I had it today, and there where only three things I had forgotten. The capital of Surinamn, and the name and capital of the country between Costa Rica and Honduras, I think. Not El Salvador, but it's like three times as big as El Salvador. There where also other places on the test, like oceans, rivers, mountains and things like that. I had not studied that much on these places, so I only knew about seven. I estimate that I'll get like a C, or something, and that's good.
I baked cookies when I came home! I do not know what these cookies are called in English, but in Swedish, they're called "Havreflarn". I have a pic of how they look like down below:
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WARNING! The text contains spoilers!

If you want to read the text, please highlight the text below with your mouse, and you'll be able to read it!

I also saw an episode of Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Soldiers found out that Haruka and Michiru are Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Minako was also kinda sad about the fact that her heart crystal had not been captured by Witches 5, because that meant she did not have a pure heart, right? Funnily enough, they actually captured it in that same episode, right after she had been donating a lot of her blood, in order to get a pure heart.

Right before I wrote this, I checked how the YouTube video I uploaded yesterday was going, and it already has 15 views! It's not quite as much as the amount of views like Dream's uploads get, but it's something. If you think that I'm making fun of the person running into the pole, then don't worry. He did it deliberatly.

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