October 20th, 2021 October 20th, 2021
It's already Wednesday?! It feels like Monday was yesterday. Just like on Monday, school was a lot shorter than usual, for the same reason. However, I did have a development talk today, and I had to go back to school only two hours after I went home! I did not only have development talk, my dad had to buy replacements for something, and we had to shop on the grocery store, which is one of the most boring things I know of. We also ate a hamburger on McDonalds, and it tasted good.

I also uploaded a YouTube video, it's this one and I hope it will become a meme, because I thought it was funny. The video I uploaded on Monday has 23 views, which is good.
Right before I started writing this, I saw a Numberphile video about the scientific way to cut a cake, and that way of cutting a cake is soo smart. If everyone knew about this, then the world would be a better place. It is quite a popular video, it has over 16M views, so maybe the world is on it's way to be come a better place?
Today, I found the Disneydags intro (Disney Afternoon), and I remember watching it when I was younger, however when I thought of that memory, I really had to blow the dust off of it. I also found an intro that feels very familiar, but I do not remember ever watching that show. It's Darkwing Duck, and everything about it feels just too familiar. Another intro that feels like that is the Goof Troop intro. It really feels like I've heard it before, but I don't remember where.
This was a very short entry, but I'm going to sleep soon, so Goodnight, fans of AndreasGamingNerd, I'll see you all tomorrow!
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