October 22nd, 2021 October 22nd, 2021
It's Friday?! Already! Time really flies by around here...

I had physics today, it was the first lesson I had today, and my teacher mentioned a Commodore 64 game called "Summer Games", so I had to look it up, because I think I've heard of it before. If you're wondering why he talked about it, then it's because he talked about colors, and I said that I have an old computer, that can only display 256 colors at a time. He said that he played this C64 game called "Summer Games", and that the stick on the joystick had to be jiggled back and forth, so that the runner would run really fast.
I used to have plans to get my hands on a Commodore 64, but I never got one, don't ask me why, because I don't know. However, it sounds like a pretty fun piece of hardware, and I'd love to get one at some point in my life.
I programmed in python on the maths lesson to day, and it was really fun. I created an U, and a star.
Here is the code, if you want to see it:
Here is the U I made:
1 from turtle import *
2 forward(25)
3 right(90)
4 forward(125)
5 right(90)
6 forward(125)
7 right(90)
8 forward(125)
9 right(90)
10 forward(25)
11 right(90)
12 forward(95)
13 left(90)
14 forward(75)
15 left(90)
16 forward(95)

Here is the star I made, however, it looks more like several stars in one place after a while:
1 from turtle import *
2 for i in range(69):
3   for i in range(420):
4     forward(100)
5     right(90)
6     forward(100)
7     left(65)
After the star one have been running for a while, nothing special happends, it just follows it's own tracks.

One of the last things I did today was to watch a movie titled "The Pacifier". I really recommend it, and it's about someone who has previously been in the military, taking care of a kinda messy family, because their mother had to go somewhere. However, I had some technical difficulties. The tape did play, but everyone in my family where not so happy with the picture quality. They thought it looked kinda dark, and yellow. Theh said that it was the scart-cable that was broken, so I tried another scart cable, but the picture did not get better. I couldn't even see anything bad about the picture, I thought it looked like it should. They told me that I should connect the HDMI cable to the VCR instead, but there's one small problem. The VCR does not have an HDMI port, only Scart and RF. I tried the other VCR that does have HDMI, but it's broken, and it ate the tape. So I had to wind the tape back into it's case, and try the one without HDMI again. The picture quality, did not get better. So in a last effort, I tried the RF lead, and the picture was perfect. The subtitles where completely white, and everyone was happy.
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