October 25th, 2021 October 25th, 2021
Monday! One fifth of the work week!

I've studied a lot today, so this is going to be short. Because I have a test tomorrow in religon, Christianity in specific, I watched one od those Bilbe adventure tapes I've had in a bookshelf for years. My mom tested me on what I knew, and I knew everything pretty good, I'll maybe get a B, or an A, if I'm lucky. I tried studying twenty minutes, then take a five minute breal, then study another twenty minutes, and so on. It worked pretty good, and it was a lot easier to concentrate when I did it that way.
I saw a YouTube video titled "5 signs that you're highly intelligent" or something like that it was called. I could relate to everything said in it, but I still don't think I'm smart. I'd love to be smart, but I'm no. I tried solving some math equations on the break in school today, and they where easier than I thought.
On the maths lesson today, I programmed in python, just like I did on Friday. It was fun, and I did the hardest tasks.
Woah, this entry sure was short! But a short text shouldn't be long, right? Wait, I said pretty much the exact same thing yesterday!
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