Welcome to my journal!

Welcome to my journal, or diary, or whatever you wanna call it. On this page, I share things I've done, I've thought of and anything else that a diary/journal is. I'm probably not going to update it everyday, like, for example, if nothing special happens one day, then there isn't much to tell. But the truly special day would be when nothing special happens, so I think I have something to tell everyday.
I used to have a journal before I tried it this time, but I only made 2 entries, and they are here (2021-03-31) and here (2021-04-16). I also have the "Back" button here so that you don't have to scroll to the bottom of the page.

I'm not listing updates for this page on the "Updates" page, because most of the time I write the diary entry the same day as the things I write happend.
Here are all journal entries of 2021.
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