16:25 I am right now writing this page, and it is probably going to stay on
the Internet forever (probably not). Speaking of forever, it feels like
I've hade this computer I am writing this on forever, and it is an old
Windows XP computer from 1999, and it is not that powerful, but it is still
possible to do simple tasks, like e-mailing, writing this diary, and
surfing the web with it. It has a 634 Mhz Intel Celeron processor, and
320 MB ram. But for the time, it might have been incredibly powerful,
especially the hard drive, because it has 45 Gigabytes of total space,
which would have been huge a few years ago. My gaming computer however,
has 3 terabytes of space, and that is a lot. I have the source files
for this website shared from my gaming pc, so that I can work on it
on another computer, like this one, or my laptop.

16:38 It was raining a lot outside a few hours ago, but it is pretty
dry outside now, and that is good, because then the dogs will not get
wet and dirty.