21:46 Today have been a different day, just like any other day.
Someone once said that the totally different day, would be a day when
nothing out of the ordinary happends. Yesterday was even more out of
the ordinary than this one, I actually forgot my cell phone when I
went to school, and that's not so good considering I live quite far
away from school, and I always call my dad whenever school ends. I
was quite lucky however on the morning. On most of the mornings, I
go to school by bus, and because of the pandemic, sometimes you go
on through the door in the front of the bus, and sometimes in the
back. When you go on in the back, you don't need the bus card, but
when you go on in the front, you need it. I have it in my cell phone,
and I was lucky, because the door in the back of the bus was open, so
I got on it that way. I was really lucky.