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AndreasGamingNerd's linklist

All my accounts:
My profile My profile on the swedish Sailor Moon forum
My profile My profile page
My Profile My profile on
My profile I am not very active here, but I decided to have an account anyways
My account My profile on
My Deviantart page My Deviantart profile
My Newgrounds page Art I've made.
My YouTube Channel Here, you'll find pretty much every video I've ever made (so far)
My forum Discuss gaming, Sailor Moon, YouTube or anything (just don't post NSFW content)
r/AndreasGamingNerd The official AndreasGamingNerd subreddit
My Twitter Profile Follow me on Twitter!
E-mail me video ideas or anything
I also have an account on the Particles BBS (telnet), and there my username is Sailor Mercury

My favorite Websites:
YouTube The No. 1 Source of Amateur Entertainment Everything about Sailor Moon (It is in Swedish, but there is an English language page too)
A Sailor Moon fanlisting, with members from all over the world
One of the most well-known Sailor Moon fanlistings, with over 9k members
My own web site Probably the best one of them all ^_^
The Sailor Moon Wiki A wiki about Sailor Moon, you can find information about EVERYTHING here
Wikipedia The No. 1 Source of information Discuss computers, internet speeds and other nerdy subjects Discuss Minecraft
Sailor Moon Forum Kinda like Minecraftforum, but about Sailor Moon

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