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This is kind of an updates page, so whenever I change something, it will be written here.

20211107 21:56 Added a link to the Mercury-shrine on the main Sailor Moon page, and began writing a summary of what Sailor Moon is.
20211107 21:50 Updated the Mercury-shrine with a new background, more text and more info in the table.
20211107 10:24 Added a Creative Commons notice on various different pages.
20211106 20:45 Updated the background on the "YKYWTMSMW" page.
20211106 16:00 Added the grayscale version of fanart number 17 on the Sailor Moon fanart page.
20211106 13:28 Added the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars opening to the Sailor Moon media page.
20211105 10:36 Added fanart number 17 to the Sailor Moon fanart page.
20211104 23:16 Added a link to my MyAnimeList.net profile on my linkpage.
20211104 20:03 Added a link to the Moon Prism Power fanlisting on the links page.
20211104 18:35 Updated the page about me.
20211103 12:48 Updated the page about me.
20211101 19:09 Added diary entries for the last few days when I didn't write in my diary.
20211101 18:57 Updated the anime page.
20211026 22:30 Added a diary entry for October 26th, 2021.
20211026 21:28 New milestone! 5,700 views! (Updated milestones list)
20211025 22:27 Added a diary entry for October 25th, 2021.
20211024 21:37 New milestone! 5,600 views! (Updated the milestones list).
20211024 21:34 Added a diary entry for October 24th, 2021.
20211023 22:08 New milestone! 5,500 views! (Updated the milestones list).
20211023 22:05 Added a diary entry for October 23rd, 2021.
20211023 20:07 Added an anime page, with a list of the animes I've seen.
20211022 23:10 Added a diary entry for October 22nd, 2021.
20211022 19:17 New milestone! 5,400 views! (Updated milestones list).
20211021 22:13 Added a diary entry for October 21st, 2021.
20211021 17:09 New milestone! 5,300 views! (Updated milestones list).
20211021 08:25 Added a link to the henshin fanlisting on the linkpage and the Sailor Moon linkpage.
20211020 22:18 Added a diary entry for October 20th, 2021.
20211020 13:41 Added some new and rearranged old buttons on the main page.
20211020 12:56 New milestone! 5,200 views! (Updated milestones list).
20211019 19:49 Added a diary entry for October 19th, 2021, and fixed a typo on the diary index page (ptobably-probably).
20211019 16:57 Added a link to this video, updated the milestones list and added a link to my diary on the main page.
20211018 20:36 Added a diary entry for October 18th, 2021.
20211018 15:20 Added new versions of Moonlight Densetsu, Sag das Zauberwort and Heart Moving, the sound from the episode title screen was also added to the Sailor Moon media page.
20211018 13:37 New milestone! 5,000 views! (Updated milestones list).
20211017 19:38 Added a diary entry for October 17th, 2021.
20211017 12:30 Removed some old art, added some more text and changed background on the the Sailor Moon Fanart page.
20211017 11:39 Changed the background on the Sailor Moon page.
20211017 11:30 Rearranged the mess of files on my website, to make it at least a little bit less messy. Especially the Dell Latitude D630-page.
20211017 10:46 New milestone! 4,900 views! (Updated the milestones list).
20211016 20:33 Added a diary entry for October 16th, 2021
20211016 17:27 Added another great piece of fanart to my Sailor Moon fanart page (fanart number 16).
20211016 17:24 Made it clear that I'm addicted to this song on the main page.
20211016 08:41 Fixed an error in my diary entry from yesterday.
20211016 08:30 New milestone! 4,800 views! (Updated the milestones list).
20211015 22:37 Created a journal/diary, and added a link to it on the Miscellaneous page.
20211010 14:19 Added a text about Internet cookies and added buttons at the bottom of the main page.
20211009 22:28 Wrote about my personality, added a pic of my dog Linnea, and added some pictures on the page about me.
20211009 12:47 Updated the Sailor Moon links list so that the websites opens in a new tab, added a link to Sailor*Moon.
20211009 10:28 New Milestone! 4,500 views! (Updated the milestones list).
20211009 10:22 Added a website views milestone list on the first page.
20211009 10:08 Created a guestbook, and linked it on all pages that has the menu on it.
20211008 21:16 Added a new page, Andreas's weird Sailor Moon fanfic ideas, and linked that page on the Sailor Moon fanfiction page.
20211006 19:01 Wrote what language every clip is in on the Sailor Moon media page.
20211002 22:07 Added a hitcounter!
20211002 20:02 Added "Moon Princess Halation" and "Ai No Senshi" to the Sailor Moon media page.
20211002 11:02 Finished rebuild of the video section on the Sailor Moon media page.
20210929 20:28 Finished the music part rebuild of the Sailor Moon Media page and added the german Sailor Moon theme song, added information about Sailor Moon airing in germany on the main Sailor Moon page.
20210928 22:18 Added links to Chibi-Jennifer's Sailor Moon page and Moonkitty.net on the Sailor Moon linkpage.
20210928 21:56 Started reconstruction of the Sailor Moon media page.
20210928 22:20 Added "Updates" page.

Last updated: 20211107 21:58
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